things you shouldn’t do to pigs….


Firstly, don’t cast your pearls before swine…… and then, don’t teach pigs to sing – you waste your time and it annoys the pigs!

It saps your energy arguing with people who refuse, won’t, couldn’t, or lack the capacity to understand and see your point or agree to disagree. Not everyone is open-minded. (I hope I am not one of those)

Your truth is not their truth, so it may be best to let it be. Even though I think my truth is the real truth, I sometimes realize it isn’t worth engaging with fools.

I learn and re-learn this repeatedly… almost everyday, and again, yesterday!

People argue over ideology, religion, over food, over health, about how to keep in shape; over politics; over the environment; over fashion;  over things. Sometimes trivial things. I shall save my energy for worthwhile issues to argue about, make my point and…. let it rest. It is still important to have a voice and opinion and stand for what you believe. But some people are just NOT worth your while.

The refusal to give in and agree to disagree leads to big fights and broken relationships. There is a time to stop arguments, if it isn’t life and death, then let that time be sooner than later. Because the truth will present itself at the right time.

So, don’t throw pearls to pigs ( yeah. that is Biblical). Some have ears but don’t hear, and eyes but don’t see. Offering words of wisdom to people who are unreceptive and undeserving is a waste.

And importantly, don’t argue with idiots. Because the bystanders might not always be able to tell the difference.


if the customer ask you to jump off the cliff, would you?

We pretend. Our whole life. Especially at work.

We smile at people we actually dislike just because they are our customers . We give in to unreasonable demands and people who throw tantrums, who take advantage of situations.

Because we were told the customer is always right. And whoever comes up with that has never worked a day in their life with the public.

There are some people who have a wrong sense of entitlement and will browbeat and threaten (to go to another company) to get their way. There are people who will make demands for services which cannot be reasonably given. You know what I mean here.


There is even a hotel chain called the “W” hotel and resorts, and the “W” stands for “Whatever, Whenever”, meaning the guest could request for whatever they want and whenever they want it. It means the service personal runs helter-skelter according to the whims and fancies of the guests at any time of the day/night.

Even if you are rich and you can, it doesn’t mean you should. There should still be common decency in how you treat people.


And bosses and employers, who run their customer service by the policy of “the customer is always right”, let’s be clear you are not kidding us and yourself.


What you mean is, money is always right. You are slave to money. That is just essentially that.

money slave

If I ever were to be boss, I will choose my customers.


I believe one could provide excellent customer services without bending backwards. I don’t believe in giving in to people with unrealistic expectations. Demanding, difficult customers are unbalanced people. And surely, the last thing I would do is to encourage such behavior. We do no justice to ourselves, to these people and to society by positively reinforcing bad behavior. By refusing to give in to unreasonable people, you might instill some balance and sense into them. It is a bit like Aikido — restoration of peace, balance and harmony.


You know, it is my belief that whoever trades their dignity, liberty and ethics for money deserves none of those. Even beggars should have their dignity intact. I would rather be poor, if being rich means sucking up and licking arses.

(footnote: pictures and quotes are taken and modified from Someecards and ROTTENeCards)

just don’t tell me you wanna be healthy


It’s a bit of a mind-bog for me but this is how it goes.

There is this place in Sanur, Bali, which has a restaurant which sells organic food (at a price) and conducts pilates and yoga classes. It is hell-bent on promoting healthy, wholesome living.

The irony is there are ash trays on the dining tables of this health food place. I have been there once, the food was good, but people are just….  people. Disappointing and infuriating.

Three western women all geared up for yoga drank their herbal tea at the next table and started smoking. Accompanying them was a dude (a boyfriend/husband minding a baby in a pram).  One of the women eventually tossed her still smoldering cigarette end/butt down a bit of grass by the side walk. Together, the cigarette-reeking threesome sashayed their way into their yoga class.

So what’s up with that, when you can’t forego smoking, in a health-food restaurant, with other patrons around having dinner, with a baby (presumably your offspring??) right next to you, right before your yoga class?

I have known people who claim they want to be healthy and go to yoga and eat organic food and yet, partake in nicotine addiction and polluting their bodies and air around their friends. Are they not shooting themselves in their feet. And some would go for expensive detox retreats, only to booze themselves away a weekend later.

Surely, there must be a bit of hypocrisy and self-deception, but really, who cares? And don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you can’t indulge in your cigarettes and then go to yoga for that bit of mind-muscle relaxation and stretching and all that “oooommmm shant shanti” and namaste. Probably heaps of people do, I can imagine. I know of yoga teachers who smoke half a pack right before they teach yoga and then some more after that.

Yeah. Go on smoking, do your yoga and eat organic food and do your ‘healthy’ living.

But really, I just don’t want to hear you tell me you wanna be healthy.