weep ……

Watching this report got to put your views into perspective, especially in regards to the ‘ problems’ we are facing. Very often, our issues or crises are really, unimportant.

This is my best lesson for a long time… it leaves me speechless, such that ironically, I need to say a few words about it.

Now, do we dare to complain about your struggles or “first world problems” again?


I wish affluent kids from the first world could watch this, and even more, their parents; what we would do to spoil our kids in our affluent society.

All the constant whining of our problems. I will despise all that when I think of this report.

Kids healing the adults in Syria. The deprivation of childhood innocence and bliss. The daily deluge of blood, gore, broken bodies. The constant threat of gruesome injuries and  untimely, violent deaths. Absolute pain and turmoil. Yet, these children wear a smile on their face. And live. And work and sooth the injured and the suffering.

The world is standing on its head.