Say it like it is —- Playboy’s interview with Dan Savage

Just read playboy’s interview with Dan Savage and I think the world will be a lot better for pondering over his views on relationships and sex.

Here is the link and here is an excerpt:

‘Sex negativity is imposed on us by religion, parents and a culture that can’t deal with sex. We pretend sex doesn’t interest us, while the culture is sexually obsessed. I also think sex negativity is hardwired into the human experience. You’re born with it, because when you’re a kid, prepuberty, sex is this fucked-up thing grown-ups do. When you hear about it, you think, Creepy, gross. Like, oh my God, you adults do whaaaat? Then you hit puberty and the riptide pulls you out; you get sucked under by this thing you swore you’d never do. It’s terrifying. That’s why people are plagued by their desires and why they need to be constantly reassured. They never wanted to get into that ocean, and they’re suddenly drowning.’

Progressive and honest and..kind. May his being ‘unconventional’ becomes the norm. Convention is anyway, an arbitrary notion invented by people. No?

Two people together, being recognised and celebrated and confirmed by the state, Phyllis Siegel, 77, right, and Connie Kopelov, 85, New York, 24 July,2011.



It is a long time coming for some and I hope it isn’t too late for others.



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