“we’re the lucky ones”, Forever Blue , Cold Case

This will make you brawl your eyes out…

Cold Case season 4, Episode 10, Forever Blue

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coop 1
jimmy dreams
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Charlie Hebdo = Free Speech Narcissism and a kind of religion.

je ne suis pas charlie

Love this piece from the blog “A Paper Bird”.

Just for the record, lest I forget – the murdered, the murderers, the bigots, the prejudiced, the naive, and the millions of innocent bystanders dragged into this quagmire for their faith.

Some have an insatiable need to insult religions to prove their own superiority in their ideals, thoughts and their own kind of society and civilization for their sacred, end-all-be-all beliefs on their right to freedom of speech.

Isn’t this a form of free-speech narcissim? Isn’t that your religion?

I will never be a charlie.

This dickhead shot a cheetah and celebrated

fucking dick head

If this cheetah were an adult female, she could have had cubs she is trying to rear….but because of this asshole, the cubs, if they were there, will die…..

Otherwise, to have reached adulthood like this one did, this cheetah would have had to be one of the lucky 10% ( 90% mortality before adulthood), who managed to escape death as a growing cub from hyenas, lions, hunting dogs, eagles, or leopards; whose mom would have had risked her life defending, protecting it and hunting a meal everyday in broad daylight to feed it; and which would have carefully, cunningly negotiated the kind of treacherous path, only a cheetah, the frailest of all big cats, could have faced.

With just one fell swoop by this asshole’s gun , this asshole whose ONLY fucking whim is to have fun, to hunt for sport, for entertainment, this sorry specimen of a man snuffed out a life which had survived thus far through all the trials and tribulations only a cheetah cub and adult could have had faced along its way.

What a fucking dickhead. Any expletives won’t even come close to justify the kind of worthless scum this person is. Nor ever quell my anger.