For some westerners, Singapore is a thorn in their side


The article here, “By gum, the west is wrong about Singapore”, by Joyce Hooi, ( The Straits Time, 28th Mar 2015), drew blood.

It reveals the often patronising and condescending attitude and the double-standard westerners take towards Asian countries.

But in Singapore, they are suddenly faced with a city more polished, organised, efficient and less corrupt than their own countries, right in the heart of Asia.

Singapore is an anomaly in their eyes. A thorn in their side.


good bye, Sir!


忧国忧民…Mr. Lee Kuan Yew breaking down in tears announcing Singapore being kicked out of Malaya (ca Aug 1965).

Often, when I think about the education I have received, and that of my siblings, my peers, and our ability to maintain a good standard of living in the global context, and my being bilingual — I am thankful for my parents, who have worked hard to provide and guide, and how that was facilitated and made possible due to the foundation and infrastructure of Singapore — built by our pioneer generation, led by this giant of a leader, an iron-fisted man way ahead of his time.

We won’t be where we are without Lee Kuan Yew. Forever thankful 饮水思源

Say it like it is —- Playboy’s interview with Dan Savage

Just read playboy’s interview with Dan Savage and I think the world will be a lot better for pondering over his views on relationships and sex.

Here is the link and here is an excerpt:

‘Sex negativity is imposed on us by religion, parents and a culture that can’t deal with sex. We pretend sex doesn’t interest us, while the culture is sexually obsessed. I also think sex negativity is hardwired into the human experience. You’re born with it, because when you’re a kid, prepuberty, sex is this fucked-up thing grown-ups do. When you hear about it, you think, Creepy, gross. Like, oh my God, you adults do whaaaat? Then you hit puberty and the riptide pulls you out; you get sucked under by this thing you swore you’d never do. It’s terrifying. That’s why people are plagued by their desires and why they need to be constantly reassured. They never wanted to get into that ocean, and they’re suddenly drowning.’

Progressive and honest and..kind. May his being ‘unconventional’ becomes the norm. Convention is anyway, an arbitrary notion invented by people. No?

Two people together, being recognised and celebrated and confirmed by the state, Phyllis Siegel, 77, right, and Connie Kopelov, 85, New York, 24 July,2011.



It is a long time coming for some and I hope it isn’t too late for others.


…….. based on Justice and Equality?


The Singapore National Pledge

We, the citizens of Singapore,

pledge ourselves as one united people,

regardless of race, language or religion,

to build a democratic society

based on justice and equality

so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and

progress for our nation.

I think our ministers, who are in the stratosphere in terms of the salary they are getting, should remember to say this pledge every morning before they set out to make policies.

“based on justice and equality?

Seriously. My ARSE.

And how do I justify my words? The 40 % voted against our government in our last election would support what I say..

The blogosphere is choke full of the issues Singaporeans are facing and the injustice dealt upon them, especially the middle-lower income folks. There are issues with immigration and our foreign blue-collar workers and associated appalling human right abuses with the Ministry of Manpower being either incompetent or derelict in their duties. We favour expatriates over our own in terms of employment. Our government gives them perks and licks their arses. The inexcusable negligence over the maintenance of our metro ( SMRT) system leading to serious disruption to transport services (repeatedly). The unbelievably inefficient public transport ( buses and taxis) — people who can’t afford cars suffer in their commute to and from their insufferably long hours of work ( Singaporeans work the longest hours in the world!)

What’s worse is the government’s and civil servants’ ( I lump them into one, which I am not supposed to usually, but in this case, they are in bed with each other) self-righteous, high-handed, arrogant and condescending attitude. They have lost touch. They have no empathy nor compassion. Not all of the ministers, but many of them. And they are compelled to toe the party line. Not serve its people. It is a tough job for sure, but if you are getting paid tens of thousands per month, you better cut the mustard.

We have one of the world’s largest income gap too (some say we are no.1) . But we are no.1 or no.2 in terms of GDP and wealth. Go figure if our progress and prosperity is based on justice and equality. And happiness … for whom? Not the average heart landers. Not when your pride and joy, the Gardens by the Bay requires a $20 entry fee. And your F1 is only reserved for the hoighty-toighty to mingle and watch big fancy cars burning up airplane grade fuel, while the ‘commoners’ suffer the inconveniences of the severe noise and road closures. Sure, we are better off than third world countries materially, but this come at severe social costs.

Check out yawningbread or mr. brown. And many other blogs. You will find them. I am not eloquent or patient or cool enough to write about them

May the powers there be come to their senses before I lose whatever respect and gratitude I have for their past effort in bringing Singapore to where it is today.