This dickhead shot a cheetah and celebrated

fucking dick head

If this cheetah were an adult female, she could have had cubs she is trying to rear….but because of this asshole, the cubs, if they were there, will die…..

Otherwise, to have reached adulthood like this one did, this cheetah would have had to be one of the lucky 10% ( 90% mortality before adulthood), who managed to escape death as a growing cub from hyenas, lions, hunting dogs, eagles, or leopards; whose mom would have had risked her life defending, protecting it and hunting a meal everyday in broad daylight to feed it; and which would have carefully, cunningly negotiated the kind of treacherous path, only a cheetah, the frailest of all big cats, could have faced.

With just one fell swoop by this asshole’s gun , this asshole whose ONLY fucking whim is to have fun, to hunt for sport, for entertainment, this sorry specimen of a man snuffed out a life which had survived thus far through all the trials and tribulations only a cheetah cub and adult could have had faced along its way.

What a fucking dickhead. Any expletives won’t even come close to justify the kind of worthless scum this person is. Nor ever quell my anger.


food conscience….. the persecution of Vernon Hershberger


Food is a dictator. It is cultural, economical, political. Food is a weapon, used in sanctions, embargos and aids. It occupies a large part of our lives, in growing it, producing it.

An honest, peaceful farmer, Vernon Hershberger, is being persecuted by big corporates and FDA for honest work feeding his community with wholesome, holistic products from his farm. This is happening right now, in the USA. This is just not right. I am blogging this in support of Vernon H. and many similar farmers like him. Good luck!

What’s wrong with our food today?

1.Big corporations monopolizing and patenting crops ( I am refering to Mosanto, the evilest empire on this earth; greedy Nestle, a company with a very bad environmental track record ) and snuffing out small scale farmers, persecuting honest people; fooling the public; destroying our health and environment.

2.Agricultural methods that are extremely destructive to our soil and ecosystem – monoculture, pesticides, unsustainable industrialised farming — are pervasive.

3. Cheap processed foods — and we yearn for them ( because we don’t know any better??). Just walk into walmart or any super markets and you see the piles and heaps of plastic-wrapped junks on the shelves. This whole lot of crap makes up 85% of all products sold by item in most supermarkets,  your fresh fruits and vegetables and meat occupy just a little corner. Metabolic and cardiovascular diseases permeate almost every society tainted with western-style, processed foods.

4. Food wastage. Seriously, in a dinner for four in our developed country, the food wasted might just about feed a whole village of 10 in a developing country .

5. Government, doctors and pharmaceuticals giving the wrong nutritional advice ( some are honest mistakes, others are intended with greed and deceit) to our public. We are beginning to see more people fighting to buck the trends, such as Dr Briffa and Dr Guyenet, among many others.

We should make a stand in our food choices.

If you are from a first world country, you are basically living to eat. You have the means, the affluence and power to make a choice. What you choose to eat represents your politics, your beliefs, your stand against or your support for oppressive big corporations. It reflects your conscience or the lack of. It shows whether you are concerned for your own health.

Your choice has repercussions on your planet, farmers in developing countries, and the less affluent people around you and in other parts of the world. The environment, the soil, would all be affected by what you choose to eat. 

Eat with a conscience, with thought. We have a mind of our own. Decipher food from junk, the good from the bad. Boycott the big bullies, check out which brands belong to Nestle ( most of your processed food brands are owned by Nestle )or Mosanto, amongst others. Ditch being fast, cheap and junk.