Charlie Hebdo = Free Speech Narcissism and a kind of religion.

je ne suis pas charlie

Love this piece from the blog “A Paper Bird”.

Just for the record, lest I forget – the murdered, the murderers, the bigots, the prejudiced, the naive, and the millions of innocent bystanders dragged into this quagmire for their faith.

Some have an insatiable need to insult religions to prove their own superiority in their ideals, thoughts and their own kind of society and civilization for their sacred, end-all-be-all beliefs on their right to freedom of speech.

Isn’t this a form of free-speech narcissim? Isn’t that your religion?

I will never be a charlie.


good bye, Sir!


忧国忧民…Mr. Lee Kuan Yew breaking down in tears announcing Singapore being kicked out of Malaya (ca Aug 1965).

Often, when I think about the education I have received, and that of my siblings, my peers, and our ability to maintain a good standard of living in the global context, and my being bilingual — I am thankful for my parents, who have worked hard to provide and guide, and how that was facilitated and made possible due to the foundation and infrastructure of Singapore — built by our pioneer generation, led by this giant of a leader, an iron-fisted man way ahead of his time.

We won’t be where we are without Lee Kuan Yew. Forever thankful 饮水思源