For some westerners, Singapore is a thorn in their side


The article here, “By gum, the west is wrong about Singapore”, by Joyce Hooi, ( The Straits Time, 28th Mar 2015), drew blood.

It reveals the often patronising and condescending attitude and the double-standard westerners take towards Asian countries.

But in Singapore, they are suddenly faced with a city more polished, organised, efficient and less corrupt than their own countries, right in the heart of Asia.

Singapore is an anomaly in their eyes. A thorn in their side.


Australia, you are hereby awarded the certificate of hypocrisy


Australia, rightly for crying out loud to the United Nation’s International Court to stop Japan from whale hunting in the Antarctic, says Japan’s whaling isn’t for scientific research, Japan is lying… it is for commercial purposes. Every anti-whaling people and nations (  mainly ‘western’ nations, I assume, apart from Norwegians … ) are very happy when UN court ruled that Japan’s whaling programme is illegal.

I await some other nations —  (I hope, preferably some western powers, and who hopefully will do it for some vested interests — because sadly – why would they care if it is for altruistic reasons??  –and also because Asian cities and the others like South America and Africa don’t give a fxxk usually about these things…..) – to bring the Western Australia’s shark cull to the same court. The shark cull, meant to prevent shark attacks on people who swim/play/surf in the ocean ( which belongs to sharks anyway), has really no scientific basis whatsoever that it will work for its intended purpose. It is outright crazy. Loads of undersized sharks and loads of tiger sharks have already got baited…. and may be dolphins??

Australia, you are hereby awarded the certificate of hypocrisy. And to the rest of the world, your inaction qualifies you for the same coveted award