This dickhead shot a cheetah and celebrated

fucking dick head

If this cheetah were an adult female, she could have had cubs she is trying to rear….but because of this asshole, the cubs, if they were there, will die…..

Otherwise, to have reached adulthood like this one did, this cheetah would have had to be one of the lucky 10% ( 90% mortality before adulthood), who managed to escape death as a growing cub from hyenas, lions, hunting dogs, eagles, or leopards; whose mom would have had risked her life defending, protecting it and hunting a meal everyday in broad daylight to feed it; and which would have carefully, cunningly negotiated the kind of treacherous path, only a cheetah, the frailest of all big cats, could have faced.

With just one fell swoop by this asshole’s gun , this asshole whose ONLY fucking whim is to have fun, to hunt for sport, for entertainment, this sorry specimen of a man snuffed out a life which had survived thus far through all the trials and tribulations only a cheetah cub and adult could have had faced along its way.

What a fucking dickhead. Any expletives won’t even come close to justify the kind of worthless scum this person is. Nor ever quell my anger.



leopard-attack-200711-10leopard attackleopard-attack-200711-11


Check out more BBC photos here….this happened two years ago. But this occurs frequently in India, even more so now due to human population increase and habitat destruction.

Well, poor leopard. It didn’t make it. And poor forest ranger, who got scalped and badly injured.

It was the whole village and department of police and forest rangers against one beast.

This was high drama. It wasn’t the leopard’s fault… it wandered into human space…but that space was originally his.

A leopard could disembowel a human faster than a tiger could. Due to its tremendous strength to size ratio; its aggression; agility; and guile and stealth. They could be literally inches behind you without you noticing. A man-eating leopard would strike more fear than a man-eating tiger would. A leopard was known to have sneaked into a tent at night with hundreds of railway workers, repeatedly, night after night, to silently kill and drag off its victim, the carnage only to be discovered the morning after. Not to mention the infamous man-eating leopards of Panar and Rudraprayag. For eight years, the Rudraprayag leopard terrorized the villagers into keeping curfews while the Panar leopard killed up to 400 people ( which according to resources, this figure is under-reported!).

With guile and cunning, some male leopards are documented to even overpower adult male gorillas, a great ape of tremendous strength and size. They are also known to be the only natural predator of the other adult great ape, the chimpanzee. They could also tackle 900 kg male elands ( a very large antelope). A male eland would weigh more than 10 times the heaviest leopard. It’s hard to imagine but that is the leopard for you.

They are highly adaptable, and are found in many different types of habitat and have the biggest range of any big cats.

Anyway, they are no match for our firepower, our guns, no match for us, no match for our logging and destruction of their habitats. No match for our mere existence.